“One Becoming Two”   Kiln cast glass on steel plate  (22″H x 28″W x 3/4″D)

One Becoming Two

cast glass with fused enamel images (57 individual pieces)  2018

My primary research  interest in glass stems from twenty years worth of ideas that combine both glass and photography. For the last two years I’ve been working with kiln cast glass and fused enamel surfaces in the belief that I can develop a unique image-making interface.


detail (the white edges reveal the opaque glass underneath the fused enamel images)Detail One Becoming Two


“Islands for the Colorblind”

Islands for the Colorblind

kiln cast glass with fused enamel image (10″H x 8″W x 1″D)  2018


“The Thinking Man’s Son”

The Thinking Man's Son

kiln cast glass with steel base and rubber washers (13″H x 10″W x 10″D)   2017

The Thinking Man's Son

side view
















Summer 2018 research.

For thirty-five years I’ve been building cameras and optical devices and teaching workshops and classes in the same subject. The following images are of a wax prototype designed to be kiln cast that functions as a small camera obscura that will  produce images. From the front the piece is a figural sculpture with a lens for an eye, from the back view the lens projects an inverted image of what the figure sees. 

Wordpress Head

Camera side view with projected image

Camera view from the back

simulation of inverted image




Van Gogh's Ear #1

kiln cast glass with fused dichroic surface (ear + tooth 4.5 ” H x 1.5″W)   2018


Included in my research of kiln cast glass I’ve created a series of wearable glass jewelry that incorporates either fused dichroic surfaces or hand painted oils.  I call it, Cannibal Glass—-“Of the body, For the body”.


WP teeth necklace



hand painted kiln cast glass 2017

WP Cigs w stand

……WP Cigarette close up


hand painted kiln cast glass popcorn

WP Popcorn


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