My goal: To create  magic with my artwork, be an engine of inspiration in the lives of my students, and find grace with my life.

I’ve been making art for forty years, and teaching for thirty-eight. I’m one of the fortunate ones, I love what I do,  and I  believe that I am currently making the strongest and most satisfying work of my career.  LK

BGSU Web Bio   Lou Krueger

Professor Krueger received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Northern Illinois University, with a BFA in Metals, 1970, and his MFA in Photography, 1976. During the past three decades he has taught photography at NIU, Elgin Community College, Syracuse University, and currently Bowling Green State University. He was one of the co-founders of the Syracuse University, Art Photography program, served as the Chair of Art Media Studies (SU), as an Assistant Dean of Visual and Performing Arts (SU), and most recently as the Director of the School of Art at Bowling Green State University.

Conceptually his creative work, narrative fantasy, masquerades as reality with an emphasis on existentially absurd fictions and examines  a wide spectrum of subject matter–––everything from dysfunctional relationships to marginalized populations to the deterioration of the body.  Technically his research agenda is split between digital photomontage and the design and construction of handmade alternative/pinhole cameras. His photographs, drawings and paintings have been exhibited nationally. Professor Krueger’s teaching resume includes: all levels of Photography, Digital Hybrids, Experimental Camera, Senior Studio, Pedagogy, Graduate Critique, and Professional Practices and Presentation.

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