Moon Over Manhattan

Janice Charach Gallery 2022

This piece functions as a camera obscura and includes four main sections: a 27 lbs. kiln cast white glass sculpture; a blown glass, suspended light shade with 40W light bulb; an internal, all-glass diorama made of float glass, glass rods and tubes; an optical construction that uses a lens, a mirror and a ground glass focusing screen. Graphite and oil paint were used to color the surface of the moon.

Waxes for 2022 Projects

I have several new pieces under construction that use optics/lenses as critical components of the kiln cast sculptures.

ALSO… I have a decal project going that interfaces with the cast sculptures (all the waxes have been cast and are glass). When complete it will include 40-60 images made of fused decals on glass. The image below is an example of one iteration of an image before firing (it never looks this good after…)

From the “Lincoln Lecture”

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