“The Last Laugh Before the Last Supper and the Cosmic Creation of the Planet Saturn”

The Last Laugh Before the Last Supper and the Cosmic Creation of the Planet Saturn

90″x 44″ December 2015 archival inkjet print

After a long and immensely satisfying career as a photo instructor I retired in May. This is a group photo of my last class, a digital hybrids class. The plan was to roughly recreate Leonardo’s “Last Supper” with some students assigned to mimic particular roles and gestures from the original painting;  students painted and dressed themselves accordingly. As the photo sessions devolved into a kind of controlled chaos the scene became more absurd and laughable than anything I’d planned and a perfect way to bid my formal career adieu.  There are details of the image on the page “Last Laugh…”

With deep appreciation and thanks to: Taylor, Kyle, Maggie, Andriana, Alex, John, Griffin, Elise, Katie, Megan, Juliette, Devon, Nikki, Kasie, Marti, Megan P., Melanie, Abby, Kelley, Cara and Steve.

The piece is currently on exhibit in the Faculty Exhibition at The Fine Art Center at Bowling Green State University.

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